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Our solutions enhance business practices. Everything we do helps our clients protect assets, control processes, and command attention. Since 1985, we have led the industry in manufacturing labels and tags. With our extensive knowledge, we provide complete product label solutions that focus on your project specifications. From detailed planning, to innovative engineering, and quality production, clients value our hands-on approach. A certified ISO 9001 quality management company, we manufacture barcodes labels, and tags at our production facility in Seattle, WA.


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Barcodes West is the preferred provider of barcodes, labels, tags, scanners, hardware, and software. Our industry specialists have the experience to match your specific marking and tracking needs.


We understand the critical nature of accurate and high quality variable or static printing, whether for warehouse, laboratory, product, asset, or virtually any use that requires print, identification, or marking.


Our state-of-the-art ordering, manufacturing, and distribution processes enable us to provide the highest quality of products at competitive prices.


Consult + Engineer + Produce + Support



There are many variables within a project: environment, budget, materials, print method, deadlines, etc. Our sales consultants collaborate with you to clarify and document the goals and desired results of your project needs.


Our talented designers and technical engineers create solutions that exceed your expectations. Our experience and expertise ensure your goals are met.


Our seasoned production team is focused on quality; it is built into our processes and culture. We deliver exactly what you expect, on time and on budget. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, which means we comply with international quality standards.


Barcodes West support continues after delivery of your products and services. Our sales and service team members will work with you to plan ahead. We have programs in place to help you calculate and anticipate predictable flow of products that keep your business evolving.