1D & 2D Scanners

1D and 2 D linear scanners are mostly used in point of sale and check in check out applications. Most are designed like a handgun, with a grip and a trigger to activate the scanning operation; 2D scanners read all barcode symobologies including QR codes and Datamatrix barcodes.

Featured Products:

Symbol LS2208 Corded Scanner

Symbol LS2208 Corded Scanners

1D laser
Includes cable and stand

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Motorola LI4278 Wireless Scanner

Motorola LI4278 Wireless Scanners

1D Linear imager
Includes Standard Cradle (Radio/Charger) and USB Cable

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Motorola DS6878 2D Wireless Scanner

Motorola DS6878 2D Wireless Scanners

Cordless 2D Imager with hands- free base

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datalogic powerscan m8300 wireless scanners

Datalogic Powerscan M8300 Wireless Scanners

USB Kit Laser Imager includes base station,
power supply, US line cord, and USB cable

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