Apparel Tags

nordstrom apparel tag

Apparel Tags promote brand identity which stands them apart from other labeled clothing as well as tracking and traceability. Used in most retail shops for pricing and identification, these tags can be produced in many colors, sizes, and shapes.

Product Features:

  • Paper and synthetic materials, smooth or textured, printable both sides
  • Moderate abrasion, organic oil resistant, and smudge-proof
  • Available with adhesives for direct labeling
  • High strength and lightweight
  • Approved ticket supplier for Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Tommy Bahama, Bonobos/AYR, and REI
  • HD graphics, 100% integrity and guaranteed no missing labels
  • Data management services provided to prevent duplication

Product Specifications:

  • 5.5 pt –  15 pt papers and synthetic materials available
  • Glossy or smooth finishes on one or both sides
  • Labels available with adhesives designed for clothing
  • Pre-printed with all common symbologies, UPC-A, EAN13, QR codes, and 2D datamatrix barcodes
  • Color bars and full-color logos
  • Standard or custom sizes available

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