Asset Labels

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Effective Asset Identification, Inventory Management,
and Security Control

Keeping track of property, equipment, and other assets is a problem faced by many businesses. By using Asset Labels properly, you can increase accountability, track the status of products, and deter theft. Barcodes West offers a wide selection of materials that meet the daily challenges for asset tracking and identification.

Product Features:

  • ISO 9001:2008 registered
  • REACH and RoHS certified
  • UL/CSA accepted materials
  • HD digital printing available

Product Offerings:

polyester asset tracking labels

Polyester Labels
: Excellent durability and resistance to abrasion and chemicals/acids

Metalized Silver Polyester Asset Labels

Metalized Silver Polyester Labels: Premium silver polyester labels designed for indoor and outdoor industrial use

tamper evident asset labels

Tamper Evident Labels: Tamper indicating design to break apart
or leave a “VOID” or checkerboard pattern.

Outdoor Vinyl Asset Labels

Outdoor Weatherable Labels: Labels designed to withstand
long-term exposure to outdoor environments

Paint Mask Asset Labels

Paint Mask Labels: Durable and aggressive labels designed to
hold up through production processes and remove cleanly

removable asset labels

Removable Labels: Durable short-term asset labels for tracking applications

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