Cleanroom Labels

cleanroom labels

Process Control for Sensitive Component Manufacturers

In today’s critical environments, it is mandatory to be able to clean and measure surface particles on labels and tags at .3μm levels. Genesis Precision Converting by Barcodes West WWT Cleaning process offers cost effective and repeatable methods for the Cleanroom Label and Tags market.

Genesis Precision Converting by Barcodes West developed the Genesis WWT cleaning process:

  • Electrostatic ionization to neutralize the triboelectric surface charge that develops during the manufacturing process
  • High pressure air knife cleaning of the materials in a class 10 mini environment which focuses on the 1μm and above particles
  • Precision surface cleaning (contact) of the materials in a class 10 mini environment which breaks the boundary layer where .3μm particles lay
  • Laser-based surface particle measuring instrument which monitors particle counts on two surfaces (top and bottom) of the material to assure statistically consistent product to the customer

Product Features:

  • ISO 14644-1 Level 3 to Level 8 Cleanrooms Certified
  • Direct thermal materials to eliminate the potential contamination of a ribbon
  • Custom tinted liners for easy identification
  • Custom coatings for patterned, tabbed, or piggyback constructions

Product Offerings:

  • Permanent Cleanroom Label – Durable polyesters designed to permanently adhere to low surface energy substrates
  • Removable and Ultra-Removable Label – Durable polypropylene labels that remove cleanly and have little to no out-gassing
  • Cleanroom Tag– Designed for applications with zero adhesive out-gassing

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