Specimen Slide Labels

specimen slide labels


Research facilities in histology, pathology, and cytology perform important testing that requires precise tracking of specimens to protect patients from misinformation and misdiagnosis. Our Specimen Slide Labels resist harsh chemicals including xylene, DMSO, alcohols, and other solvents that are routinely used in these facilities and last through the entire testing process.

Product Features:

  • Labels designed to resist xylene, toluene, MEK, DMSO, and many other common solventsSpecimen Slide Labels
  • Adhesives formulated for low surface energy plastics and glass
  • Temperatures up to 150°C
  • No lamination required when printed with the appropriate ribbon
  • 100% integrity and no missing labels guaranteed
  • Data management services provided to prevent duplication

Product Specifications:

  • 2 mil white polyester materials designed to resist solvents and stains
  • 1 mil highly aggressive adhesive withstands xylene, alcohols, and caustic stains
  • Pre-printed with all common symbologies and 2D datamatrix barcodes
  • Available in blanks or pre-printed
  • Standard and custom sizes available

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