Vial & Test Tube Labels

vial & test tube labels

To protect patients from adverse errors made due to improperly labeled vials & test tubes, many laboratories demand that proper criteria be met. Barcodes WEst’s Vial & Test Tube Labels provide the needed protection from chemicals and deep freezes and remain dependably affixed for reliability and readability.

Product Features:

  • Labels designed to resist common laboratory chemicals
  • Adhesives formulated for small diameter glass and plastic vials and tubes to resist peeling and flaggingvial & test tube labels
  • Perfect for centrifuge and autoclave applications
  • Variety of sizes and shapes available
  • 100% integrity and no missing labels guaranteed
  • Data management services provided to prevent duplication

Product Specifications:

  • Durable paper and plastic synthetic materials available
  • High performance adhesives to withstand xylene, alcohols, autoclave and centrifuge testing equipment
  • Pre-printed with all common symbologies and 2D datamatrix barcodes
  • Available as blank or pre-printed
  • Custom sizes and shapes available

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