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Smartphones and tablets are revolutionizing the way we do business…productivity gains, increased accurate data collection activities, and improved access to decision making information. SimpleApp has an easy-to-use web interface, flexible reporting, and seamless integration. And it runs on any IOS, Android, or Windows smartphone or tablet, giving you what you need to simplify your business.

With this “no-programming” mobile cloud solution, you can:

  • Take control of your business
  • Increase productivity through the mobilization of your workers
  • Gather information faster and more accurately
  • Have better access to information
  • Easily integrate with other business applications, making them more effective
  • Provide compliance with financial and government regulations

Track assets, manage inventories, handle & verify deliveries, enter project time & expenses, organize receipts, update job & project statuses, capture site survey information…


…start capitalizing & join the mobile revolution today!

The ‘SimpleApproach’…It’s as Easy as: