Inventory Control

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Complete Solution – Software, HC1 Mobile Computer, & Barcode Printer

All solutions include Inventory Control software, 2.16” x 820’ wax ribbon, WPL305 barcode printer and 2” x 1” TT labels.

Track inventory efficiently and accurately with the complete HC1 Complete Solution.

RF Pro, HC1 & WPL305 Price: $4,595 Part number: 633808391348
RF Enterprise, HC1 & WPL305 Price: $6,095 Part number: 633808391362


Complete Solution – Software, DT90 Mobile Computer, & Barcode Printer

Includes the DT90 mobile computer for data collection.

Standard, DT90 & WPL305 Price: $2,495 Part number: 633808929329
RF Pro, DT90 & WPL305 Price: $4,295 Part number: 633808929305
RF Enterprise, DT90 & WPL305 Price: $5,795 Part number: 633808929312


Complete Solution – Software, DT60 Mobile Computer, & Barcode Printer

For fast, reliable data collection, this ideal solution includes a DT60 mobile computer.

Standard, DT60 & WPL305 Price: $1,995 Part number: 633808929404
RF Pro, DT60 & WPL305 Price: $3,795 Part number: 633808929411
RF Enterprise, DT60 & WPL305 Price: $5,295 Part number: 633808929428


Scanner Solution – Software, Barcode Scanner, & Barcode Printer

Accurately manage inventory with an affordable solution using the WWS550i barcode scanner. Includes wireless connectivity and compatibility with Android™ or iOS® devices such as iPhone®, iPod® and iPad®.

arrowWWS550i barcode scannerarrowInventory Control software
arrow2.16” x 820’ wax ribbon arrowWPL305 barcode printer
arrow2” x 1” TT labels

Standard, WWS550i & WPL305 Price: $1,495 Part number: 633808920647


Mobile Solution – Software & HC1 Mobile Computer

Combining flexibility with versatility, this solution features the HC1 mobile computer. Scan and track inventory away from your PC by updating inventory records and performing transactions on-the-go. Field updates and changes are instantly displayed in the main database providing real-time visibility.

RF Professional & HC1 Price: $4,095 Part number: 633808391331
RF Enterprise & HC1 Price: $5,595 Part number: 633808391355


Mobile Solution – Software & DT90 Mobile Computer

Engineered to withstand rugged, scan-intensive environments, this solution includes a DT90 mobile computer.

Standard & DT90 Price: $1,995 Part number: 633808929350
RF Professional & DT90 Price: $3,795 Part number: 633808929336
RF Enterprise & DT90 Price: $5,295 Part number: 633808929343


Mobile Solution – Software & DT60 Mobile Computer

Capture inventory data on-the-go with the lightweight, pocket sized DT60 mobile computer
that does not compromise on performance.

Standard & DT60 Price: $1,495 Part number: 633808929435
RF Professional & DT60 Price: $3,295 Part number: 633808929442
RF Enterprise & DT60 Price: $4,795 Part number: 633808929459


Software Only

Standard Edition / 1 PC License / 1 Mobile License Price: $795 Part number: 633808342050
RF Professional Edition / 5 PC Licenses / 1 Mobile License Price: $2,495 Part number: 633808342067
RF Enterprise Edition / Unlimited PC Licenses / 5 Mobile Licenses Price: $3,995 Part number: 633808342074