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Complete Solution Plus: Software, Mobile Computer, & Barcode Printer

All complete solutions include MobileAsset software, battery/comm cables,
WPR 2.16” x 820’ resin ribbon, WPL305 desktop barcode printer and 2” x 1” polyester labels.

Includes an HC1 mobile computer, mobile device license and 3 hours of training.

Pro, HC1 & WPL305 Price: $4,795 Part number: 633808927660
Enterprise, HC1 & WPL305 Price: $6,795 Part number: 633808927677


Complete Solution: Software, HC1 Mobile Computer, & Barcode Printer

Quickly access important asset information on-the-go with the HC1 mobile computer’s QWERTY keypad.

Standard, HC1 & WPL305 Price: $2,495 Part number: 633808927806
Pro, HC1 & WPL305 Price: $4,295 Part number: 633808927813
Enterprise, HC1 & WPL305 Price: $6,295 Part number: 633808927820


Complete Solution: Software, DT60 Mobile Computer, & Barcode Printer

Includes the DT60 mobile computer for data collection and barcode printer for creating asset tags.

Standard, DT60 & WPL305 Price: $1,995 Part number: 633808927493
Pro, DT60 & WPL305 Price: $3,695 Part number: 633808927516
Enterprise, DT60 & WPL305 Price: $5,695 Part number: 633808927523


Mobile Solution – Software & HC1 Mobile Computer

All mobile packages include MobileAsset software, battery/comm cables and pre-printed asset tags.

Oversized, 3.8” color touch screen is optimal for asset tracking applications. Includes the HC1 mobile computer.

Standard & HC1 Price: $1,995 Part number: 633808927837
Pro & HC1 Price: $3,795 Part number: 633808927844
Enterprise & HC1 Price: $5,795 Part number: 633808927851


Mobile Solution – Software & DT60 Mobile Computer

Ideal for a wide range of asset tracking applications, this versatile solution includes the pocket-sized DT60 mobile computer.

Standard & DT60 Price: $1,495 Part number: 633808927530
Pro & DT60 Price: $3,195 Part number: 633808927547
Enterprise & DT60 Price: $5,195 Part number: 633808927554


Software Only

Standard Edition / 1 PC License Price: $595 Part number: 633808927561
Professional Edition / 5 PC Licenses Price: $2,295 Part number: 633808927578
Enterprise Edition / Unlimited PC Licenses Price: $4,295 Part number: 633808927585

MobileAsset iOS/Android/Non-Wasp Device License

Manage assets from an iOS, Android,
or any other compatible Non-Wasp device.

iOS/Android/Non-Wasp Device License
Price: $295 Part number: 633808927592

Pair your iOS or Android device with the WWS100i, WWS150i, or the WWS200i 2D pocket bluetooth scanner for faster laser scanning.

WWS100i Price: $149 Part number: 633808920692
WWS150i Price: $195 Part number: 633808951207
WWS250i Price: $299 Part number: 633808920692